Hydraulic lime
EN 459-1 HL 5 (Felsenfest)

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Hydraulischer Kalk EN 459-1 HL 5 (Felsenfest)

Uses/ Properties

A binding agent suitable for the manufacturing of:

  • plaster and masonry mortar
  • ground stabilisation
  • the production of delayed-action, freshly-produced mortar
  • the manufacturing of multi-layered, elastic and vapour-diffusing plastering
  • Compression strength 5 –15 MPa

Quality Control

Our binding agent is subjected to all production checks and controls in our own works and to external monitoring carried out by the quality control body of Naturstein, Kalk und Mörtel e.V. (The Registered Association of Natural Stone, Lime and Mortar)

Lieferformen Erwitte

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  • sack

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