Portland-limestone cement
EN 197-1 - CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R

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Portlandkalksteinzement EN 197-1 – CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R (EG)
Portlandkalksteinzement DIN 1164 – CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R-NA (D)
Ciment Portland au calcaire – 42,5 R (CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R) (B)
portlandkalksteencement CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R (NL)

Uses/ Properties

  • Ready-mix concrete for reinforced and non-reinforced building components
  • Precast concrete parts
  • Concrete goods
  • Dry concrete and mortar production. As regards its hardening properties (early hardening), this cement dries more rapidly than a Portland cement of the same hardness category
  • High degree of early and final firmness
  • Rapid developing of hydration heat shortens the time before concrete can be removed from moulds
  • Good water-retention properties
  • Hardly any tendency towards sedimentation

Specific Details


Quality Control

Our cement is subjected to all production checks and controls in our own works and to those external ones carried out by the VDZ (The Association of German Cement Works). Meets the national standards set by The Netherlands and Belgium

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