Company guidelines

Your needs are important to us!

Our main objectives are satisfied customers and efficient products.

We achieve this with:

  • Personal consultation
  • Consistent products
  • Made-to-measure solutions for our customers
  • Continuous development of new products and services

In order to provide our customers with excellent service and high-quality products as well as continue on the path of progress, back in 1996 we introduced a quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

Our employees are our recipe for success!

Our employees are an essential factor in our continued success. They support and endorse both our visions and our goals.

To ensure that it stays that way:

  • We work as a team and jointly pursue our goals
  • We continually invest in the training, further qualification and education of our employees

Industrial health and safety takes first priority!

The health of our employees means a great deal to us.

We promote their health by means of:

  • Safe, ergonomic workstations and working processes
  • The exemplary conduct of both managers and employees
  • Employee training and further instruction
  • Active measures for improving the health of our employees
  • The prevention, immediate treatment and follow-up treatment of accidents

In order to continually promote exemplary industrial health and safety standards, we introduced an industrial health and safety protection system in accordance with OHSAS 18001 in 2005.

Interconnected with the environment!

As a company that works intensively with both energy and raw materials, we are committed to a frugal, responsible policy in dealing with the environment, energy and raw materials.

We achieve this by:

  • The use of new, forward-looking technologies in order to reduce airborne pollutants and noise as well as specific energy consumption
  • Sustainable lime quarrying with integrated after-use concepts for our mined quarries
  • The use of wastes and secondary materials in the manufacturing of our products in order to minimise the use of fossil fuels and natural raw materials
  • Inspecting the materials used before their application with regard to environmental compatibility, safety (industrial health and safety) and their impact on our products

In order to demonstrate and further improve upon excellent standards in terms of the environment and energy efficiency, in 2001 we introduced an environment management system and in 2012 an energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001.

On equal terms with suppliers and subcontractors!

As your competent business partner providing you with highly efficient products, we attach great importance to working with outstanding suppliers and subcontractors that enable us to work intensively with you in the long term.

We achieve this aim by demanding from our suppliers the same high standards that we expect of ourselves in terms of:

  • Quality
  • Environmental protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Industrial health and safety